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Founded in 2008

Taurida National V.I. Vernadsky University
Ukrainian Institute of Speleology and Karstology

Published  semiannually

Peer-reviewed, refereed journal publishes scientific articles, reviews, reports and letters on theoretical, methodological, regional and applied aspects of speleology and karstology in Ukrainian, Russian and English.

Articles are published electronically in a pdf format, open access online. Individual articles in a current issue are published as soon as they have passed peer-review, editorial and production procedures.

Certificate of state registration of the printed media КВ № 14032-3003Р, 08.05.2008

Address: Ukrainian Institute of Speleology and Karstology,  Vernadsky Avenue 4, 95007, Ukraine
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  • Karst and caves on the coast of the Sudak Bay (Crimea)    (Views: 1242)
  • About the essence of karst    (Views: 998)
  • Teсtonics of the Chatyrdag karst massif in Crimea    (Views: 965)
  • Isotopic composition of atmospheric precipitation and karstic springs of the north-west slope of the Crimean Mountains    (Views: 838)
  • Karst and caves of the north-east fringe of the Baydarsky Depression (Mountainous Crimea)    (Views: 755)
  • Speleogenesis in the Cretaceous and Eocene successions of the Zuya and Burul’cha river valleys (eastern part of the Crimean fore-mountains)    (Views: 723)
  • Evolutionary typology of karst    (Views: 717)
  • Determination of the age of relief and denudation rates of the south-west part of the Inner Range of the Mountainous Crimea from karstological and speleological data    (Views: 668)
  • Geomorphogenesis of astructural slopes of the Inner Range of the Mountainous Crimea: the role of hypogenic karst in the formation and retreat of cliffs    (Views: 638)
  • History of study of the Chatyrdag Massif (Mountain Crimea)    (Views: 606)